Beijing Bullet Train

Bullet Train from Shanghai to Beijing

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There is reportedly a bullet train line that runs 300km/h or 185 miles per hour between Shangai and Beijing and makes the trip in 4  hours. I must have paid for the cheaper train because I remember mine taking just over five and a half hours. This is how I prefer to get around in China, at least between the major cities. When I arrived I expected a small train station. This one looks more like a massive airport terminal. Everything is pretty well marked but for someone who doesn’t speak the language, it can be daunting to purchase your tickets and find your train. I guess I should have expected as much. Trains are much more developed and widely used in China than any other country I have visited. Hongquiao Railway Station in Shanghai

These trains are very nice with a dining car (tea, noodles, and sandwiches) and large bathrooms. I also remember plugging my iPad in at my seat. Who needs to bother with the airport to get around. Just get to the train station and you can get anywhere you need to in China.

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