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Haunted Hotel

In Further Lost, Signature Editions by Kevin Wenning0 Comments

This haunted hotel is Hosteria La Cienega in Cotapaxi Ecuador. I have lots of photos of the interior of this place. It’s well preserved, the dining area is beautiful. It’s great for weddings. Yada yada; you can hear about all that on hundreds of travel websites. It’s true the staff is very polite and superbly dressed. The rooms are very …

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Devil’s Water Painting

In Further Lost, Lost In Nature, Signature Editions by Kevin Wenning0 Comments

Water painting in the swamps. Well that’s what it looked like to me anyway. I’ve been working through some old images, and applying creative editing when looking at them because frankly sometimes the image just wasn’t that interesting to begin with. Learning what photos are worth spending time on is a learning curve I’m still working on. My post processing …

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Northern Colorado Landscape Dotted by Oil Derricks

In Further Lost, Signature Editions, This Land is Your Land by Kevin Wenning0 Comments

An oil derrick is a common sight in the fields of Northern Colorado. I don’t know how long I’ll live here so I’m capturing interesting scenes while I can. I know my photo publishing is all over the place. I’m working on organizing my library to pull together collections (like a real artist might…I assume). I still like jumping around …