Why take a Bike Photography Tour?

Simple answer – you want to take a bicycle vacation that is planned with photography enthusiasts in mind.

Honestly; bike photography tours are “athliesure” travel. I design these tours to provide a balance of rich photo locations and moderate to challenging rides. You should train before coming on a trip, but you won’t need so much recovery time that you can’t enjoy the photo stops.

The goal is not to crush our distance and elevation ride stats, or to conduct an intense photography workshop. Have your active vacation and stimulate your creative energy at the same time with a group of people who share the same passions.

The bike photography tours are brand spankin’ new; not to me personally but as a public offering. I have tentative plans for a Lodge Itinerary in Aspen Colorado for September 2017 and with partners in Morocco for a Tour Itinerary in April 2018.

Ride dates and logistics are still being sorted. Subscribe at the bottom of this page and I will send you tour plans as soon as I publish them (no later than April of 2017). If you’re interested, I do plan to follow up with people personally via skype or google hangout to answer your questions. Of course you can decline the chat and just wait for my email updates.

Bike Photography Tour Itineraries

Tour Itineraries

Fully supported tours with moderate to challenging rides stopping in a new location each day. Photography locations scheduled in the morning or evening of each ride day, and rest days for you to photograph, relax, or review and edit images as you please. We will have at least one group image review and edit session. All levels of photographers and riders are welcome.

  • Experienced Ride & Photography Leader
  • Baggage & Camera Gear Transfer
  • Support Vehicle & Mechanic
  • 30 to 50 mile / 50-80 km rides

Lodge Itineraries

One location throughout or max of one transfer. Daily shoots within driving or riding distance of hotel. Support vehicle transports your gear to shoot locations. Daily classroom time for beginner and amateur photographers to learn and practice basics. Also great for couples or groups with split interests – some people ride and some people work on photography.

  • Experienced Ride & Photography Leader
  • Support Vehicle & Mechanic
  • More Photography Instruction Time
  • Group rides or longer personal rides

Bike Photography Tour Lodge Itineraries

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